"Hookers in Arabia" is an abstract depiction of the mystery and beauty of the Arabian Peninsula and features sandy textures and hues with pops of bold red, blue and gold. This piece measures 16" wide by 40" tall and is the last available piece from the 2020 series Hookers in the Wild.


Hookers in the Wild was inspired by the color Hooker's Green (arguably the best color to paint with). Started just before Coronavirus took over our lives, the entire series started in calming hues of pink and faded green but morphed into much more visceral expressions of what started happening in our world. 


Each original artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity, plus an archival, UV-rated varnish, ensuring your new artwork will last a lifetime.


This piece is signed by me on the lower right-hand corner. 

Hookers in Arabia | 16"x40"