Hello, friend!

Welcome to my life's calling: art. Thanks to you, my dreams are coming true in THIS EXACT MOMENT.

You see, I've always been an artist. Even in the fourth grade, when I totally massacred a découpage project but still managed to find beauty in the gluey pool of red paper at the bottom of my Coke bottle...

For reasons I can't explain, I've been hesitant to share my work with the world. Fear, I guess. However, as my age increases and my list of insecurities shrinks, I decided I couldn't hold back any longer!

You're reading this after all, which means you found my art website, which means my passion of sharing my light through art has come to fruition.

Make yourself at home!

I suggest starting at the gallery, which features some of the art I've created for friends, family and collectors alike. If you like what you see, meander on over to the shop, where you can scoop up pieces that are still available.


If something catches your eye - here or anywhere - I'd love to discuss creating a custom piece for you. Hit me up on the commissions form or DM me on Instagram to start that conversation.

Lastly, because you ended up here... thank you. Your support means the world to me.

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