This work-in-progress is a biggie at 4x6 feet, though the sneak peek you see here is merely a closeup, snagged smack dab from a cacophony of color that simply must be seen to be believed. But believe you me indeed, this ginormous abstract piece will be one for the record books... just how many colors do you think I can fit onto one canvas?



It took almost a year to finish... now it sits snugly atop a stylishly appointed dining room... in my sister + brother laws' house!

This pair was a joy to make and goes down as one of the most personal, love-filled Kt Originals to date!


If you've been to my house, chances are you noticed these two statement pieces in my dining room. Well, Minted.com noticed them too... and now sells framed and canvas reproductions on their website!

I'm so honored to be featured on minted.com. If you like these pieces as much as I liked making them, they're still available on minted.com here and here


I love seeing my art once it's found a happy home. If you have a Kt Original or print in your house, send it my way. I might even post it in this gallery! Email me art@kateterhune.com or DM me on Insta to show me yours.


Custom art, on demand.

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